What is Barista Life

Barista Life is the most relatable community for baristas and coffee lovers that allows you to be a part of something bigger.  Up until today, there has never been a place for baristas to go where they can engage with others who actually want to listen to what they have to say.  

Ask any barista, they'll tell you that after they clock out, they find themselves talking about customer horror stories, co-worker feuds, coffee, but their friends and family are quite sick of hearing about it because they don't know what it's like; but we do.  

How did Barista Life Start?

Barista Life originally began as another Instagram account made to post memes that honestly was made to make fun of customers.  Although, that may sound mean, but we are proud to say that, over time, we have evolved into much more than that.  We have been blessed to mature the account into a tight knit community where we can all connect over coffee.

Before Barista Life, your 'barista-friends' were limited to those that you actually work with, and maybe some from a neighboring store.  We have lifted that limit so that your family is now a worldwide family of baristas from around the world.

Having hit over 110,000 followers on Instagram, Barista Life hits home, proving that you aren't alone in your struggles. Uniting both baristas, coffee lovers, and other retail workers, it'll have you wishing it existed when you started your coffee journey.

Is The Community limited to only baristas?

Short answer, no way!  Even non-baristas feel welcome because, "our posts are so hilarious, it gives them a totally different perspective of the barista daily struggle and the respect of the art of smiling while serving hot beverages which should really be thrown at some unsavory patrons."  Since Barista Life members possess such a vast combined knowledge of the world of coffee, we are using this to provide learning resources for our customers, since each of us do want to help you as much as we can.

A perfect example of this is our Customer Guide to Ordering at Starbucks, where we asked everyone for their most helpful tips and advice on how to order at Starbucks, compiled all of the responses, and turned them into a guide.

If you are a barista, you'll find yourself saying, OMG, SAME! As you follow our daily posts which you thought nobody else even experienced, validating your frustrations with a sprinkle of humor. It will make you feel less crazy, more connected, and more understood. We know all you find yourself talking about is work, and were also sure your family is sick of hearing about your barista-stories; but we won't ever get sick of it.

As the barista journey inevitable comes to an end for us all at some point, Barista Life allows you to stay connected and up-to-date with what's happening in the coffee world, even if your employment has ended. It's more than a job, it's life. And like a Sorority or Fraternity, once you're in, you're in for life. It's pretty much your life, in an Instagram page. Some refer to it as a cult, which in a way is true and it's quite interesting to see that even across the world, baristas are experiencing the same day to day struggles as we are here in America, Barista Life is group therapy.

Our collective experience in the coffee industry, coupled with our social media savviness allows us to accurately depict every aspect of the Barista Life in an Instagram post.

Our community has grown to the point of being more than just humor. After launching our guest writing services, we have enabled members to write directly for our blog, voicing their own perspectives in the most unique way possible. Since we all have art degrees (?) we have some extremely talented writers who craft words in beautiful ways.  If this sounds like something that is of interest to you, click here to sign up to be a guest writer!

We also run what we like to call 'Snapchat Takeovers.'  Our Snapchat Takeovers allow stores to shine by giving us a look behind the counter, into the unique family-like bond that each store has. Each day, a new store is given full control over our Snapchat account, with thousands of viewers, to show off their store. Introducing baristas, showing off latte art skills, and showing what makes their store unique are just a few ways where they can shine!